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In an independent or identified agency adoption you will be able to speak to and meet the adopting parents personally (although you are not required to meet them if you prefer not to). Whether you meet them or not, you are entitled to know who they are, what they do for a living, how much money they make, and have information about their health, marriage history, religion, hobbies, other children in the home, etc. You are entitled to choose the new family for your child.

The key to a successful placement is full disclosure: You are entitled to know all the facts before making your choice of the right family for your child.

I have handled about 10,000 adoption cases in the past forty-nine years and will not represent an adoptive couple (or a single parent) unless I find they have a stable home, good health, and the financial ability to send their children to college.

Almost every adoptive family I represent has been investigated and approved in advance by a licensed adoption agency. This includes checking criminal and child abuse records, health, finances and their home. I know what standards are required for adoption approval and will refuse to help anyone who does not meet those standards.

Are There Many Couples to Choose From?

Because I've handled adoptions for so many years, I am always in touch with families who want to adopt. Although all of the Adoption Law Center's prospective adopting parents meet its qualifications and standards, they are of many different backgrounds, races, religions, professions, and ages. Some are childless; some live in the city; some live in the country. I will ask you to describe the type of family you consider ideal.

Even if I represent you alone or do not personally know the kind of couple you feel great about, I am in constant contact with hundreds of adoption lawyers and agencies throughout the United States, and will be able to find exactly what you are looking for.

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