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The primary expenses facing an adopting couple include:

  • Birth Parent Support and Medical Bills
  • Attorney's Fees

Expenses can vary a lot from case to case and from state to state. If a teenager is living at home with her parents, and has medical insurance, the costs will be low; if a birth mother comes to California from another state to give birth and lives here for three or four months, the costs will be a good deal higher.

In Los Angeles and a few other cities, there is a surplus of medical providers and substantial discounts on the costs of medical care are available for payment in advance. If a birth mother does not have medical insurance, it is often possible for her to obtain Medi-Cal to cover the hospital bill.

Sometimes, however, adopting parents will have to pay the doctor, the hospital, an anesthesiologist, a pediatrician, lab bills, living expenses for the birth mother, as well as her maternity clothes and transportation costs.

Nevertheless, in each case, I will give you my best estimate of the costs involved, and you are free to accept or reject any case at all.


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