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Adoption presents certain risks to adopting parents and birth parents alike.

Risks facing adopting parents include:

  • How do we know a birth mother really wants to place her baby?
  • How do we know she's really pregnant?
  • How do we know she's healthy and likely to give birth to a normal baby?
  • How do we know she's not on drugs and/or alcohol?
  • How do we know she is who she says she is?
  • How do we know the background information she gives us is reliable?
  • How do we know the birth father will not interfere?

Risks facing birth mothers include:

  • How do I know the couple I like are really good people?
  • How do I know what I've been told about them is true?
  • How do I know they'll keep their promises to me?
  • How do I know my lawyer is looking out for my interests?
  • How do I know I'll be getting first class medical care?
  • How do I know the birth father won't be a problem for me?

When we confer, we will explore the risks and discuss how to minimize them.

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