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Collaborative Adoption
Collaborative adoption combines the advantages of both direct placement and agency relinquishments in one proceeding. In a collaborative adoption, an adoption agency commits to placing the child only with the couple chosen by the birth mother. It completes a home study of the adopting parents before the baby's birth, and can therefore immediately accept final and binding relinquishments from the birth parent.

There are several advantages to Collaborative Adoption, including:

  • The parties to a collaborative adoption still find one another, often with the assistance of an attorney

  • The child goes directly from the hospital into the adoptive home
I enjoy fruitful, collaborative, adoption relationships with Vista Del Mar in Los Angeles, one of California's oldest and most distinguished private adoption agencies, as well as The Adoption Connection in San Francisco, The Family Network, Inc., in Monterey, Life Adoptions. Inc., of Tustin, Adoptions Unlimited, Inc., in Chino, Catholic Charities in San Diego, and other outstanding agencies throughout the United States.

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