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Aileen Leavitt
Aileen and David Leavitt have been married since 1956.

In the early part of their marriage, Aileen was on the junior board of a prominent adoption agency in West Los Angeles. During a discussion of the agency's policies, a social worker explained that the agency would refuse to share a birth mother's psychiatric history with adopting parents when that mother had serious mental problems. The agency feared that every time the child did something wrong, the new parents would be sure it was mentaly ill, like its mother.

Disturbed by the agency's decision, Aileen told David that if she were adopting a baby, she would want to know everythng she could about the child's background before making a decision.

It was on that philosophy that David Leavitt's practice was built.

Aileen has managed the law office from the beginning, except for several years in the early 1960's when she took time off to raise two children to school age. She has been in the office since 1967.

Having interviewed thousands of birth mothers, and talked to as many adoptive couples, she communicates wonderfully with everyone.

Aileen knows everything that's happening in every case in the office, and there's virtually nothing she can't answer, or a problem she can't solve.

David and Aileen are a team who have always believed there's a right baby for every couple, and a right couple for every birth parent -- and it's their job to help their clients find their perfect match.

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